War of the flags

Blue, green, black...what do they all mean?Read more

Acid mystery resolved

Unfortunate accident injured touristsRead more

Gendarmes get free lodging

Niçois highway patrol could be moving near youRead more

Change asked for immigration laws

Controversial quotas cause a stirRead more

Acid attack burns tourists

Origin of the liquid unknownRead more

Clandestine clinic in trouble

Plastic surgeon and staff charged in courtRead more

Jazz picnic in the Var on Sunday

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It’s that time of year again for the jazz picnics in the Var series which this year are being held at 1142 Route des Miquelets just outside Lorgues.Read more

Fréjus tunnel closure impact

Drivers trying to squeeze between a steady stream of giant lorries to get off the A8 could be forgiven for thinking that their numbers are on the increase.Read more

Harley Show in town

Golf of Saint Tropez invaded by international motorcylist showRead more

Ex-con motorist injures two

Now hospitalised, he says he does not remember a thingRead more