Safest year in the air since 1944

For all of those who fly regularly between the Riviera and their home country, the good news is that 2004 was the safest year for flying since 1944. There were 150 accidents which resulted in 760 deaths, representing a drop of 37 per cent compared to 2003. The figures were released in a report by the Geneva-based Bureau d’archives des accidents aéronautiques (BAAA).Read more

Foie gras scare

Two batches from Auchan are contaminated with ListeriaRead more

Lucky escape for two British tourists

The message is ‘keep your car doors locked at all times’Read more

Suicide attempt at Eze

American woman tries to drive off the edgeRead more

Train strike warning

Unions call out members for January 19Read more

American GI reunited with his helmet

A heartwarming tale from Villeneuve-LoubetRead more

The team is back

The Riviera Times team is back from its Christmas break, with daily news online from the French and Italian Rivieras.Read more

Bus tickets plummet for some destinations from today

A new one-price-fits-all system for Canca will benefit thousandsRead more

Riviera wins three new event contracts

Cannes’ Palais des Festivals is bullish about the futureRead more

Cost of tram rises

The budget for Nice's controversial system is up by over one million eurosRead more