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Cancellation of the Riviera Classic

The half-marathon has been cancelled, but the other events - a 10km, a relay and a charity walk - will go ahead. Copyright Philippe GroswaldThe Riviera Classic half-marathon, due to take place Sunday 12th March, has been cancelled. The Monegasque Athletics Federation has said that in light of the current state of emergency and the fight against illegal immigration, the Prefecture of the Alpes-Maritimes decided not to allow the race to take place.

The Monegasque Athletics Federation extends their regrets and apologies to all the athletes who were registered or preparing to run the race and also to their French and Italian organisations who strongly supported the Riviera Classic. 

Over 1,000 runners were expected to participate in the half-marathon, which begins in the Italian town of Ventimiglia and finishes at the Quai Albert 1er in Monaco. Originally the Riviera Classic was a full marathon, but in 2010, when the date of the marathon coincided with regional French elections, the distance was shortened to 23.8km (just over a half-marathon in distance) and the date was changed from November to March. 

The race has only been cancelled once - in 2007 - since its creation in twenty years ago in 1997. 

The records for the fastest 23.8km is held by Dennis Mehlfeld of Germany and the American runner Heidi Freitage who won the men’s and women’s races respectively in 2010. Their record has yet to be broken. 

The other events of the Monaco Run will still place, including the 10km Monte-Carlo run, Herculis Relay and the Pink Ribbon 5km march. 


Mia Colleran