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Choosing health insurance for your family

Lucien Héritier from ASN advises on family health insuranceLifestyle and cultural differences can be very different from one country to the next. The same applies to insurance between your home and host counties. No matter whether you have emigrated or are planning a long-term stay abroad, your existing insurance cover will usually not accompany you on the trip. Without consultation, having to find cover in a different country that can have very different policies to those that you are accustomed to can be virtually impossible.

Do not leave your health care at home: good advice for finding insurance abroad does not have to be expensive, but bad or even incorrect advice can cost you a lot.

ASN has been the market leader for the international insurance solutions market for over 20 years. Due to the close, personal contact with our international provider network, we are able to influence the development of new products and are able to identify trends on the insurance market at an early stage.

For the competent and personal advice of our customers, the experts of the ASN have a highly modernised consulting tool. The systematic collection of data and the complex comparisons of the general insurance conditions of international insurance products are constantly analysed and evaluated. Combined with the many years of experience of the ASN specialists, the company guarantees a well-founded know-how on which they can rely at any time.

Personal contact with our customers is very important. Only in this way can their needs be recognised and all relevant questions clarified. As a result, ASN is able to provide its customers with the best insurance cover for their needs worldwide. The ASN helpdesk is, of course, available to customers at any time after the conclusion of a contract. Consultation is available in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.


Lucien Héritier

Head of Support

ASN - Advisory Services Network AG