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Club Vivanova Charity Gala in Monaco

You know Club Vivanova from all their fun and interesting tasting parties and gourmet getaways. Riviera Insider has been partners with the club from the beginning, sharing their great events from champagne tasting to gourmet getaways in Italy. The founder, Bradley Mitton, is a master networker bringing together business owners from all walks of life. He understands the benefit of mixing business with pleasure but he also knows the importance of giving back. He says:

“Whatever role we play on this planet, we need to support each other and develop together. As we create our destinies and experience success, it becomes our moral duty to help others to overcome their challenges in life - so that they too, can succeed and evolve."

Each spring, he hosts the Club Vivanova Charity Gala, a lavish affair with impressive gifts on auction. This year's gala, which takes place on 6 April in the Fairmont Monte Carlo's Salle d'Or, will feature a Galerie Cristal Premier Cru Champagne Aperitif, a selection of Premium International Wine, a four-course gourmet dinner prepared by a Meilleur Ouvrier de France chef; an Haute-Couture fashion show; live musical entertainment; a charity auction and an after-party with dancers and a DJ.

Some of the gifts on auction include a membership to Thirty Nine Monte Carlo, a holiday package at Le Chevre d'Or, a spa and golf getaway at La Terre Blanche (with helicopter transfer from Monaco), gemstones, original artwork and more.

Proceeds from the grand gala will benefit:

The Animal Fund

TAF was established in 2015 with its primary focus on the protection of dolphins and whales and is a non-profit organization run on volunteer labour.
TAF is a registered Association under Monaco law since March 2015, published in the Official Journal on 10th March 2015. TAF’s mission is to protect, save and actively help the dolphins and the whales who are victims of maltreatment, slaughter, pollution, and overfishing and to educate and inform the world via publicity, campaigns, conferences and online media of the danger and consequences of cruelty and extinction.



Chances for Children funds and runs an orphanage in Kampala, Uganda. The foundation houses, educates, and lovingly raises 56 orphan children who have been rescued from the streets--all affected by acute sickness and/or poverty. The children are between the ages of 4-13 years. The end goal is to build a self-sustaining campus with a farm, school and all the facilities needed to provide support for the local community. A self-sustaining model would mean that the campus is no longer reliant on corporate and private donors to operate successfully. Once proven successful, this model will be replicated in other countries around Africa.


Tickets for the event are €175, all-inclusive. There are still tickets left, so if you'd like to spend a glamorous evening in Monaco to support these charities, go to Club Vivanova's website: