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Comment from editor-in-chief Petra Hall

A comment from editor-in-chief of Riviera Insider Petra Hall following the Nice attackIt simply cannot be true, just a terrible nightmare… And yet, the death toll stands at 84 with over 100 injured, 18 of which are still struggling to survive. It is not a nightmare. It is an unbearable reality. 

I have been living in Nice for more than 20 years, a beautiful city full of the sparkling vitality of life. My throat begins to constrict when I ham hit with the thought that this little piece of paradise, following yesterday’s events, will never be the same as it was before. 

Certainly, the raw hours will fade with time. That’s a good thing, but will this city ever again enjoy the carefree nature that made up the charm of the metropolis until a few hours ago?

That Nice would one day be the scene of such a tragedy was, in my opinion, almost to be expected. After Paris, they had to hit the heart of Mediterranean happiness. The timing was perfectly perverse: the National Day of la grande nation and a tourist season in full swing.

I do not think that we should be hiding our fear from these criminals. The fact is that we all fear - how could it be possible not to!

My thoughts are with the families of the victims. My sympathy goes out to the many people, including dozens of children who are suffering at this moment in Nice's hospitals. And my respect, I would like to express to all the security forces and medical personnel, and to those who came to the aid of Nice in the middle of the night without being called on. 

As a journalist, maybe I should not say it, but I must confess: it leaves me speechless. My heart is extremely heavy today. 

Petra Hall, editor-in-chief of Riviera Insider