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David Syre exhibition in Nice

From tomorrow (and until 19th May), the Galerie Vendôme in Nice is welcoming American artist David Syre for his first ever exhibition in Europe. 

American artist David Syre. Copyright: Patricio SuarezThe Cards of the Soul: An Artist on the Way (Cartes de l’âme : Un artiste en chemin) event is comprised of 23 works that represent the different stages of his life. He chose to exhibit in Nice because he says the city was ‘the first step of a new path’ for his colourful and joyous creations. The highlight of the exhibition is a sculpture entitled My Life, which took him two months to produce.


Cards of the Soul: An Artist on the Way

3rd to 19th May

Galerie Vendôme

16 Rue Emmanuel Philibert, 06300 Nice