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Fem Galore: The new private women's club in Monaco


Yana Aintabi, founder of Fem GaloreRecently a new Private Women’s Club, different from any other has been launched – and the founder, Yana Aintabi, is based in Monaco.
Yana’s unique life experiences made her decide it was time to find a way to share her passion, interest in human psychology and what makes us happy, and her knowledge of art, business and life. 

Who is it for?

Fem Galore is created for a community of open-minded women. Yana herself uses many diverse strategies to stay focused in her own busy lifestyle and is an example that you can have this as well as energy, motivation and mental clarity. “It feels as though I’ve lived 5 different lives, though each one of them feeds my creative energy. I am passionate about quality of life. Since early childhood, I’ve immersed myself in the beauty and details of artwork which nourishes my appreciation for aesthetics, beauty and style. This knowledge is what I incorporate into many aspects of my day to day life – fashion, interior design, and empowerment of women”. Yana shares these tricks and tools in a series of events and workshops, as well as sharing other resources – there is a lot planned in the next 12 months.

To begin with, there is a fantastic opportunity to experience Fem Galore at the end of the month. A two-day seminar on the 29 and 30th April, at the Le Méridien Beach hotel (in the “Sirocco” conference room) It’s a 2-day psychological workshop which is designed to “free your inner power, to lift the limitations that diminish your life quality”. There are two main areas that are usually blamed for feeling unhappy: being scared to move forward and unsatisfactory relationships. The answer to difficulties in both areas is the same: we need to get the freedom to be who we truly are.

What are you afraid of?

The first day focuses on fears: on what is preventing us to reach our true potential, to move to where we intrinsically want to be. The morning workshop, which combines lectures and living experiences, gives you a systematised view on what is the source of our fears, how these fears limit us and how to erase the power that fear holds over us. The evening session then offers an opportunity to practically engage with and get rid of some of these limitations that stop us from achieving.

How are your relationships? Fem Galore Monaco

The second day is dedicated to relationships. The morning workshop aims to clear up the confusion between romantic love and the “real” love of a long-term relationship. It stresses that the focus of the relationship is to develop an uncompromised self, whilst still maintaining closeness. The evening session will be far more interactive and will give you an opportunity to explore your inner truth, to learn what you really want, and – most importantly, how to ask for it. We will learn how to hold the weight of our desire and stay focused on it, and how to take responsibility for our feelings.

Designed for busy people, each module can be taken separately and has its own value Together, these 4 modules create a unified tool to help you become who you truly are.

If you would like to book yourself into the workshop – we highly encourage it! Here is the link:

You can also check out the Fem Galore Website for more about Yana and the club.