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Gourmet food festival in Villeneuve-Loubet

Gourmet food festival to take place in Villeneuve Loubet. Copyright Serge Laroche.The Pôle Culturel Auguste Escoffier will play host to a gourmet food festival that will offer activities such as a large farmers market, tasting events and master classes taught by leading chefs. The festival, which will take place on the 23rd, 24th and 25th of September, is being held in the hometown of world renowned chef Auguste Escoffiner.

The objective of this event is to create an association between gastronomy and the world of art by having a range of different types of artists, such as comedians, musicians and pottery artists, on stage with the chefs while they prepare their food. While a chef cooks a meal with a certain theme, an artist will have to do a performance of their work along the same theme to emphasise how both cooking an art can be used as a form of expression.

The festival will also allow the public to perfect their cooking practices by taking part in workshops that reveal some of a chef’s secrets. Conferences and debates will be organised so that the public have the chance to have any gastronomic questions answered.