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The Illusion of Fear with Sebastien Bellin

A motivational talk will be given at Mougins International School on 4 October. Sebastien Bellin was injured in the Brussels terror attack in 2016. Titled 'the illusion of fear', he will be discussing his journey from near-death, step by step, back to life and to an awakening of empathy, understanding and forgiveness.

Former 15-year professional basketball player and current General Manager of Spirou Charleroi, Belgium's leading Basketball team, Sebastien is a survivor of the March 22,
2016 Brussels airport terrorist attack. The bombing took the lives of thirty-two civilians and injured more than 300. Sebastien suffered extreme injuries to his legs and hip.

Sebastien shares his emotional and physical journey highlighting how he emerged from the brink of death to finding the strength to heal and rebuild himself with the help of will, determination and focus. Living with more passion, a new-found clarity, and a unique perspective on life, has taken Sebastien from a hospital bed to a wheelchair to crutches to walking, and he will now run his first marathon on October 28, 2018 in Brussels.

Don't miss this compelling, heartwarming and deeply personal talk.

Doors open at 7pm.   

Refreshments available
Tickets available at Mougins School Admin Office: €10/adult, €5/student
Only 80 seats available – ages 12 and up
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