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Mimosa Kids Fun Run: Children helping children

Mimosa Kids Run c. Mimosa MattersEvery year in France, there are 2,500 cases of childhood cancers diagnosed—50 of them are right here in the Alpes-Maritimes. A childhood diagnosis can mean years of treatments in various hospitals and often rob children of their childhood.

To address this, the local cancer charity, Mimosa Matters, has organised a mini-marathon for kids, by kids. The first Fun Run last year proved so successful they have committed to making it a yearly event. This year’s Fun Run will take place on Sunday, 28 April at the Stade des Bouillides, in Valbonne. Ebica International School is sponsoring this event which is organised explicitly for children aged between the ages of 5 and 15 years. Children had three distances to choose from depending on their age – 800m, 1.6km and 3.2km. All participants will receive a t-shirt, a medal, and certificate following their huge efforts. There will also be raffle drawings during the event. 

Juliette Clarkin, Mimosa President said: “Such was the enthusiasm at the first Mini-Mimosa in 2018, we realised that this event is key for the community and all the children who are desperate to help out. [The Fun Run] is about harnessing their vitality and inspiring them to help while highlighting the need to keep healthy. Basically, kids helping kids.”

The Valbonne Mairie has joined the list of community members to support the Fun Run and generously gifted the Stade des Bouillides free of charge to host the mini sporting event. Ebica International School, sponsoring the event, is a natural choice for the Mimosa Committee because they have been raising funds to help beat Cancer in the region for the past four years.

Ebica is proud to sponsor the event, saying: “Mimosa is making waves in the community, raising much-needed funds in the fight against Cancer. This event is aimed at teaching children healthy values that they can begin to undertake and use throughout their lives. We believe that children should have the agency to positively affect change in their communities and that by getting involved, even in the smallest of ways, they can have the biggest of impacts.”

All the money raised from the registration, participation and sponsorship will go directly to La Ligue contre le Cancer, a local cancer support organization that helps numerous children with Cancer in the Alpes Maritimes. Each 'runner' can be sponsored by donating online with options starting at €20.

If you don't have plans this Sunday, get out and support these kids!

Mimosa Kids Fun Run
Sunday, 28 April 9 am - 12 pm
Stade des Bouillides, Valbonne