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Monaco & the Ocean

For over a century, the Princes of Monaco have been fascinated by – and dedicated to – the ocean. Explore their personal journeys of protection and exploration in a new interactive space and exhibition that were opened earlier this summer at the Oceanographic Museum.

© Cédric Fruneau - Musée Océanographique

Monaco & l’Océan: de l’Exploration à la Protection (translation: Monaco & the Ocean: from Exploration to Protection) unites the passions of three Monegasque princes. The goal is not only to raise awareness about the ocean among the 650,000 visitors to come to the museum each year, but also to tell the stories of the sovereigns in a 700m² interactive environment.

It starts with a focus on Prince Albert I, who devoted a great period of his life to oceanography (between 1885 and 1915), earning himself the nickname of ‘Prince of the Sea’. The exhibition then shifts to Prince Rainier III, who was known for his appreciation of the Mediterranean Sea, and who worked alongside Commander Jacques-Yves Cousteau, the head of the Oceanographic Museum for 30 years. Finally, the visitors can find out about Prince Albert II’s activities in the marine field and how he has confronted various contemporary challenges in the preservation of the world’s oceans.

Visitors can play their own part of the Monegasque love affair with the water, such as trying to save sea turtles or discovering the Gulf Stream via interactive roleplay experiences. 


Oceanographic Museum of Monaco
Open from 9.30am to 8pm in July & August (visit the website for seasonal hours & ticket prices)


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