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More sand, please!

© Ville de CannesThe winter months were almost as busy as those of summer for Cannes’ shoreline as 80,000 cubic metres of sand were transported onto the already artificial beach. Since the 1960s, when the first major widening operation took place, not much has been done to maintain the 1.4 kilometre-long plage.

 The engraissement operation will increase the width of the beach up to 40 metres in places from the current 25 to 30 metres. It is hoped that this extra room for manoeuvring will reduced the likelihood of flooding for establishments operating on the beach.

Like in many other coastal towns and cities in the French Riviera, several restaurants and bars on the beach were closed in Cannes after the 2017 summer season. Some will reopen – legally this time – for the summer, but there will be less than before, meaning more free public space.

In the near future, the famous Croisette will also receive attention with the construction of a new bikeway and revamped surfaces.