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Nice-Cannes Marathon: Mimosa runners for a good cause

Mimosa RunnersOn Sunday, 4th November, the Nice-Cannes marathon takes place along the coast. Known as the most beautiful marathon in the world, up to 42Km can be run or walked. The local cancer charity, Mimosa, sponsors the event, recruiting runners to cover ground for a good cause. The Mimosa Runners slogan, Run with your heart, not with your legs” has proven that runners recruited by them for the Nice-Cannes Marathon sign up because they want to help make a difference, not just run. Juliette Clarkin, President of the Association comments: “the majority of runners join us because they want to help, they know that for every cent and euro they raise, something positive is being done.”

Mimosa amassed one of the largest representations taking part in 2017and hope to smash their fundraising record this year, reaching out to even more potential runners. Juliette adds: “We are proud that word is spreading and we can work with the community to highlight our efforts.”

For the last three years, the charity, run by a small group of expat female volunteers has managed to recruit, motivate and train over 200 people annually to take part in the Nice to Cannes Marathon event. This has culminated in over 65,000 euros being raised for the local chapter of La Ligue contre le Cancer, helping a countless number of people in the region with their battle with Cancer.

Not only has Mimosa been able to raise significant sums of money for charity, generating a huge awareness around the fight against Cancer, it has also created a steadily growing health movement amongst their supporters in the region. The Nice-Cannes Marathon is accessible to all levels of abilities; from full (42km) to half (21km) with a friend or even sharing one of the 6 legs that make up the relay Marathon, from 3km to 10km.

Funds raised by Mimosa have gone to the opening of a non-medicated drop-in clinic for Cancer patients in Antibes. At LEspace Ligue, patients can avail of free holistic treatments, advice, support as well as practical assistance, all for free. With funds raised, the Mimosa team has also worked alongside La Ligue Contre le Cancer this year on a multimedia Cancer prevention and awareness campaign.