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A night for shooting stars this weekend

Keep your eyes open this week-end to see some sparks in the sky.

As Saturday turns to Sunday, cast your eye away to the sky and you may see between 50 and 100 shooting stars.

Since 17th July and until 24th August, the earth has been crossing a large cloud of dust left by comet 109P/Swift-Tuttle. It is exactly on 12th August that the Perseid meteor shower will reach its peak, allowing stargazers an excellent chance of seeing a beautiful display of shooting stars in the late and early hours.

The best time to spot it should be around 11pm, however, this year the celestial spectacle will be harder to watch since the moon will be three-quarters full, and its brightness will affect the view of the sky. You can expect to see darker meteors and only very bright perseids. Around 4am will be your best chance to see the Milky Way in all its glory.

The meteor shower and shooting stars of the Perseids appear to radiate from its namesake constellation; Perseus, the great Greek hero of history and slayer of monsters Medusa and Cetuss.


Claire Davis