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Platinum Security Exhibition Monaco

Platinum Security Exhibition MonacoAre you protected against theft? Whether home burglary or cyber attack, we are all susceptible to crime. How can you protect yourself? The Platinum Security Exhibition aims to answer this question. The first international "Platinum Security Exhibition" will be taking place in Monaco from 10 to 12 April at the Grimaldi Forum.

Under the High Patronage of HSH Prince Albert II and organised by Expo Monaco France and the Commissariat Général des Expositions et Salons (COGES), the show brings together the top manufacturers, suppliers, and agencies in private security, featuring the latest and greatest in equipment, systems, and services. Experts will present security measures and technologies for keeping your home, business, assets, and family safe. 

Inside the Grimaldi Forum Monaco, the Platinum Security Exhibition will present security technologies that can protect against criminal threats of all kinds, including the following:

  • Personal security: close Protection, VIP, Travel, Reputation / Image, etc.
  • Luxury goods sector security: high-end shops, hotels, villas, boating, automobile, transport, aeronautics
  • Event Security: sports clubs, sporting events, concerts, festivals, exhibitions, amusement parks, nature reserves
  • Security for Business: technologies and services
  • Digital security: cyber, communications, bank protection, insurance, fiduciary security

Manufacturers will present modern technologies, including digital solutions, while visitors will also have the opportunity to discuss with experts.

Lectures will round out the programme, which is aimed at both private individuals and entrepreneurs. 

The show takes place in the context of a global expansion of private and public security measures. In 2017, a lack of security and theft in Europe led to a loss of one billion US dollars. In France alone, 1,000 burglaries and thefts are counted every day.

Platinum Security Exhibition
Grimaldi Forum Monaco
10-11 April: 9 am -5 pm
12 April: 9 am - 4 pm

You can find further information and the full programme on their website: