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Price increase for Envibus travel

From 1st October, passengers buying a ticket directly from Envibus’ drivers will be expected to pay 1.50€ instead of the current 1€ fee. The 50% rise is part of the company’s strategy to encourage users to buy their tickets in advance at a ticket machine or online and also to reduce time spent at bus stops.

In 2016, the Sophia Antipolis-based company sold 1.5 million bus tickets, but just 30,000 of those were purchased at ticket machines. It is estimated that if drivers are no longer obliged to handle change and tickets on board, up to 10 minutes could be saved per trip. A bus driver for Ligne 8 (Vallauris to the Centre Hospitalier Antibes via Antibes’ town centre) will, for example, be able to complete an extra 28 journeys per day if all passengers buy their tickets in advance.

Ticket machines are being installed around the various routes Envibus services, however many smaller stops will not have dedicated machines. Envibus says it will soon be possible to purchase tickets online and via the App of the same name.