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Prince Albert II reacts to Dortmund bomb attack

Borussia-Dortmund bus attack espouses solidarity between supporters

The Champions League quarter final between the Borussia-Dortmund and AS Monaco team, has been postponed following an reported attack on the German team’s bus.

Prince Albert II of Monaco, who was present in Germany to attend the quarter final, has made an official comment following the attack, which involved three explosive devices blowing up close to the Dortmund team bus.  “Sports should not be held hostage by the unstable,” said the princein a press release.

On Tuesday 11th April, as the Borussia-Dortmund team travelled to the stadium to compete, three explosive devices went off near the bus.

Police and investigators are yet to reveal the causes of the explosions, which injured the team’s Spanish defense player Marc Bartra, 26. He was operated this morning and is said to have no life-threatening injuries. A German policeman was also reportedly injured in the blasts and the several windows in a nearby hotel were shattered.

AS Monaco has offered to reimburse their supporters who are in Germany for the game up to 80€. 


Claire Davis