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Prince Albert sends his condolences to Paris

A police officer was murdered in Paris on 20th April in a suspected terror attack.As yet another suspected terror attack hits Paris, Monaco’s Prince Albert II has reached out to French President François Hollande in an official letter: “The French Republic knows it can count on the solidarity of my country through this difficult time.”

Three days before the presidential elections, a police man was shot on 20th April while two of his colleagues have been left seriously injured, as was a female tourist.

The shooting occurred near the Marks & Spencer store on the Champs Elysées.

It has been reported that as a car drove past near a parked police van, a gunman opened fire with an automatic weapon on the group of police officers.

The gunman, identified by the press as Karim Cheurfi, was killed by Paris security forces and is thought to be a 39 year old man who lived in a Paris suburb.

ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack via the jihadi group’s propaganda agency Amaq.

“Once again the French Republic has just been struck in its heart,” wrote Prince Albert in an official communiqué, “this time on the Champs Elysees with an attack on its security forces. We bow [our heads] in sorrow before the memory of the police officer shot down. We have the greatest sympathies for his family in their sorrow and his colleagues.

We believe and know that the challenge of terrorism will be met in the union and the vigilance that this scourge requires.

The French Republic knows it can count on the solidarity of my country in this difficult time.”


Claire Davis