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Record chill on the Côte d’Azur

It has been one of the coldest starts to the week on record for the French Riviera with temperatures well below zero even in its coastal cities. High winds are predicted tonight for the lower Alps and the cold snap continues on the coast.

Monday night and in the early hours of Tuesday, the Alpes-Maritimes experienced some of the coldest temperatures felt in well over a decade. In Cannes, the thermometer dropped to -4.3° while in Antibes the mercury bottomed out at -2.9°. Nice too dipped below freezing at -1.8°. Further inland, temperatures fell even lower to -14° in Auron, -16° in Valberg and -16.5° in Isola. 

Météo France has forecast temperatures to rise slightly on Thursday and Sunday will likely bring another dump of snow for the high ground and rain for the rest of the region. Annual norms are expected to return by the start of next week. 

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