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Sculpter Pablo Reinoso exhibits at the Polygone Riviera


Pablo Reinoso, Banc d’amarrage, 2015 - Acier peint - 1230 x 380 x 225 cm © Florian KleinefennThis summer the Polygone Riviera is hosting the fifth edition of their summer art programme, an open-air art installation with renowned Argentine sculptor, Pablo Reinoso. The exhibit, titled “Supernatural” will take over the four corners of the shopping centre from 19 June to 14 October, recalling the flowing nature upon which the Polygone sits.

With arabesques, volutes and steel bases, Pablo Reinoso's works transform regular objects like benches into a new dimension. His sculptures, as if animated by the spirit of breath, stretch out with long wisps of metal evolving into something more than just an object. Blurring the boundaries between art and design, these unique works invite us to sit, speak and reflect and contemplate the world. The artist draws on the codes of "anonymous design" of street furniture to transcend it into a moving, incarnate sculpture, endowed with gracefulness.

The works take place across the shopping centre and unfold in a set of forms reminiscent of plant growth. Humorously expanding the field of possibilities by this part of excess and drama, they invite us to reflect on our certainties and the fragility of the established order, but also on the necessary adaptation of man to his world.

The exhibition takes its source from one of Polygone Riviera's permanent collection: the mooring bench, whose slats stretch out in space in an unusual way. Creating a sense of tranquillity, the pieces seem to prolong this movement of materials and take possession of the space, innervating the architectural structures of the shopping centre and invite us to reconsider the public bench as a space for meetings and exchanges of words. At the end of the alleys, fountains and squares of the centre, Pablo Reinoso's works will offer themselves as ideal stations for poetic reflection around where the artwork fits into the collective space.

Entitled "Supernature", the exhibition is developed by the idea of an exponential nature that is being reborn and deployed in urban areas. The title gives a hint: Attention to the natural environment and its ecosystem – something built into the design of the Polygone Riviera, preserving and designing a new landscaped environment around the Malvan River. By taking over these spaces, Reinoso wants to bridge the natural and urban environment, organic and artificial, letting his work grow without limit, as if the plant world was regaining its rights against everything human-made.

Guillaume Creuze, Director of the Polygone Riviera, is excited about the art programme they offer. He said: "We are pleased to propose a new artistic highlight at Polygone Riviera with an exceptional collection of works, in a cultural region that is an essential part of the city. This event illustrates our unique approach: enriching the shopping experience with shared discoveries and emotions.”

Pablo Reinoso's "Supernatural" Exhibition
19 June - 14 October
Polygone Riviera 

Since its opening in 2015, Polygone Riviera has permanently presented a collection of 10 works by Ben, Céleste Boursier-Mougenot, Daniel Buren, César, Antony Gormley, Tim Noble & Sue Webster, Jean-Michel Othoniel, Pablo Reinoso, Pascale Marthine Tayou and Wang Du, spread throughout the centre.