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Sealed with a kiss

A 27-year-old French freelance graphic designer and illustrator is behind this year’s official poster.

Design: © Flore Maquin / Photo: © Georges PierreIn the piece, Flore Maquin from Lyon – who has worked with the likes of Universal Pictures, Paramount, Arte, ESPN and the Institut Lumière – uses a still shot by renowned photographer Georges Pierre that was taken during the filming of Jean-Luc Godard’s 1965 film Pierrot le Fou: a kiss between lead roles Ferdinand Griffon (Jean-Paul Belmondo) and his ex-girlfriend Marianne Renoir (Anna Karina). The film was already influenced by the pop art style of the time, but is given new vibrance by Maquin.

The young French designer describes herself as a ‘passionate film buff’ and has created dozens of exciting alternative posters for cult films and series – Fight Club, Peaky Blinders, Scream, Pulp Fiction, The Birds… - which can be explored on her website: