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Shakespeare in Nice

The Macbeth Experience takes viewers to a Baroque and unexplored universe where all moral values ​​are reversed

By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes on Friday 23rd June at the Francis-Gag Theatre in Vieux Nice as a one-night only performance of Macbeth is hosted. The audience is in for a surrealist and action-packed adaptation of Shakespeare’s iconic tragedy, which will be performed by the Mains d'Oeuvre Collective.

The play was already held by the group last year at the Théâtre du Petit Chien at the Avignon OFF Festival and in many of the theatre’s partner schools. .  

Back from war, the victorious Macbeth, loyal General of the Army of King Duncan, meets three witches who prophesise a most unusual future to him. Provoked by his wife, he decides to kill his king and assume power, setting in motion a string of events that spiral into darkness and chaos. This particular adaptation of Shakespeare’s tragedy has only three actors, live musical projections and an impressive set.

The performance is suitable for children over 12 and has a running length of one hour and 15 minutes. Tickets are available from 12€ and can be bought online: