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Velella jellyfish in Monaco

Velella jellyfish spotted in the port and surrounding waters of Monaco In the last few days, large quantities of the Velella jellyfish (a free-floating hydrozoan) have been spotted in the port and surrounding waters of Monaco.

Velella, or the ‘little sail’ jellyfish as they are more commonly called, have a distinctive boat-like appearance. They measure just a few centimetres in length and are easily identified by their deep blue colouring and triangular sail.

Compact nets have now been installed in the bay of Monaco and Port Hercules to try and reduce the amount of Velellas washing ashore. Inside the port, the jellyfish are being collected and removed to minimise their risk. 

This species of jellyfish multiplies quickly, however, they have a very short life-span.

Their nematocysts and toxins aren’t usually harmful to humans, although it is recommended that those who have come into contact avoid touching their face and eyes until any residue has been washed away.


Mia Colleran