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Women’s World Cup semifinal: US vs England


FIFA Women's trophy (c) FIFA via Getty ImagesThe 28 June match between France and the US did not disappoint. Under the heat at the Parc des Princes, the American team impressed the world and moved one step closer to the title of World Champions. It is always hard to lose a game we are so passionate about but France should not be ashamed of striking out. While the US team moves a little closer to the trophy (which they already won at the last Women’s World Cup), some could think the pressure is greater this time around, competing for a second title. But Co-captain Megan Rapinoe proved otherwise, scoring in each half to win the match. 

Experts anticipated that game for a long time as both teams are arguably the best in the world and at the top of their game during this Women’s World Cup. This is also why tickets prices were as high as the mercury that night. As soon as the game began, Rapinoe opened the score with a kick. A talent that she repeated in the second half with another goal. “Les Bleues” tried a comeback at the 80th minute with Wendie Renard, but the fight was too hard.
The key player of this match was certainly Co-captain Rapinoe – a woman who knows what she wants but also what she doesn’t want. She broke her own record and appears at the very top of the scoring board, with five goals. She made a stir politically after declared that she will not go to the White House and meet Donald Trump if the US wins the competition.

Co-captain Rapinoe was not the only one to break records that hot summer night. TV networks around the globe disclosed rating records as the Women’s World Cup enters its final week. And by the time the winning team will hold their trophy, the global audience should peak at 1 billion viewers around the world. The France - US game alone gathered more than 8.2 million viewers according to Fox Sports who owns the English-language rights for the competition. But more importantly, various brands such as Adidas declared that the winning team will have the same bonus as their male counterparts.

The semi-final on Tuesday 2 July will take place in Lyon and will be an Anglophone derby between the US and England teams. The following day, 3 July will be between the Netherlands and Sweden.

- Alexa Bouhelier-Ruelle