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  • A tumultuous campaign

    Since the birth of France’s Fifth Republic in 1958, never has the outcome of a presidential election been so uncertain.

  • Lagerfeld and the Bal de la Rose

    This year’s Bal de la Rose (now in its 63rd year and taking place on 18th March) has been designed by the illustrious Karl Lagerfeld, a close friend of Princess Caroline of Hanover. Lagerfeld has chosen the Vienna Secession art movement as inspiration for the ball. The refined Secession style flourished in Austria and throughout Europe from 1892 to 1906 and has been selected as the representation of Monaco’s modern-day glamour. Think bright golds, Gustave Klimt and Otto Wagner!

  • Château Le Cagnard: the Montparnasse of Provence

    With frescos of prancing elephants and a mezzanine of artworks, plenty has changed in the Salle de Garde since the days when knights dined within these walls. 

  • Win a dinner for two at Château Le Cagnard

    Château Le Cagnard sits high and proud in the rustic, medieval village of Haut-de-Cagnes. In a bygone era, it was the haunt of an eclectic archive of famous names - the likes of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Jacques Chirac, Auguste Renoir, Robert de Niro, Greta Garbo and The Beatles - who would come here to enjoy its gourmet cuisine and impressive setting. Today, diners come to enjoy chef Stéphane Laurin's simplistic yet adventurous cuisine. 

  • Tension in France: the demise of the old system

    Not since Charles de Gaulle has an incumbent president in France waived his fight for re-election. Never before have all the favourites for the highest office in the state failed to make the final cut. 

  • New animal protection service in Nice

    Nice has announced the opening of an animal charity in collaboration with the Association Association Contre la Discrimination Canine, the Groupe d’action pour l’amour des animaux et la Société protectrice des animaux (SPA Paris). The charitable association has been created by the L’Animal dans la Ville mission and aims to advise and listen to anyone who would like to report a case of animal maltreatment. 

  • Strikes hit the region’s rail networks

    Ongoing strikes by French railway workers are having a knock-on effect across the south of France. The social action is mainly affecting train services in and around Marseille, but with their Italian counterparts also due to launch a strike on Wednesday 8th March, cross-border connections could too be feeling the strain in coming days.

  • Storm Zeus in photographs

    The day after Storm Zeus hit France - killing two and causing millions of euros worth of damage - the Côte d’Azur has returned to its usual bright and sunny self. With blue skies and warm temperatures with us today and forecast from the coming week, small puddles and a freshness in the air are the only physical reminders of yesterday’s storms. We’ve trailed Instagram to find the best and most dramatic photographs of Storm Zeus in the region.